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Jaw and ear pain after filling

December 17 2019 my molar # 31 filling fell. I didn't have any pain. I went to dentist and she did filling and that was it. 1 week later, I started to have pain in the jaw area that extended to the ear. I went back to that dentist. She took x ray and said she can't see anything and she referred me to endodentist. The endodentist also took X-ray and said the filling was close to nerve and needed root canal. I did root canal on 3 December 2020. Same symptoms after 1 week pain in jaw and ear and now extend to neck. Went back to endodentist and she took more x rays and find nothing wrong so she did 3D X-ray tomography to see what's going on. 3D came back normal, no fracture and no infection. She said wait for 2 weeks and see what happen. She gave me antibiotics augmenten for 10 days. Three weeks later and still have pain. The endodentist offered to do re treatment as she don't know what is going on. But she also advised me to consult another endodentist for second opinion which I did. The second endodentist look at all x ray and Ct scan and find nothing and his recommendations was to place crown asap and the pain should go with time. In February I went to put the crown but my dentist find my tonsil started to swell and had white thing at the back. My dentist and my endodentist look and said that it's strip and I should see my family physician. I did and was placed on Kflex antibiotics for 7 days. The swelling still there and Pain in jaw, ear and neck still come and go. It's strange but it feels like it's itchy and numb near the jaw area. Pain come in time around 6pm evening for some strange reason. Now am waiting to see ENT specialist on the 5 of March and beyond that I have no other plans. Pain is frustrating and antibiotics are making me very sick. Can someone please who experience similar situation shed some light on symptoms. I am thinking of extracting the tooth but am not sure if pain is from tooth or it's result of nerve pain that has nothing to do with the tooth. Could it be possibly the result of changing the amalgam filling with composite that triggered that pain? Is it the dentist needle that hit a nerve and it's inflamed and need time to heal? Is it the tonsil causing a pain that extends to the lower jaw? I have many theories but non seems to put ease to my pain. It seems that my 3 dentist and my doctor are putting everything on the ENT now and to be honest after reading many posts here I feel the ENT will just say nothing wrong and am back to square one. Any help is greatly appreciated
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Your descriptions highly suggest TMDs, or Temporomandibular disorders.seeing a tmj or orofacial pain specialist is advised.
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