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Jawpain/tooth pain sinus?

I have exactly what is being didcussed under jaw pain tooth pain. I can't hardly stand the pain. A month ago it was on the other side of my jaw. Had it xrayed & got 2nd opinion. They said it could be a sinus infection. I can believe the pain can possibly be that bad. It left. Now I have exactly the same thing on the other side of my mouth. It is in the lower jaw/ bone/tooth. They said it normally is in the upper teeth. Has anyone got any answers? I am 200 mile from a Dr

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Sinus tooth ache  almost always involves upper posterior teeth. Please keep in mind that tooth ache is not always odontogenic. If your dentist can not identify structural pathology of dentoalveolar structure, seeing an orofacial pain specialist is advised.
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There are multiple things that can cause this. I would have my TMJ and bite evaluated by someone who is highly trained in this field. I would have seen an Oral Surgeon as well and possibly have CT scans of the jaw. At times there are referred pains due to nerve impingement that can cause this pain as well.
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