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Just had abscess surgery, now not feeling right!

Hey folks. I'm new, but looking for answers, so here is my backstory:

A week ago I could barely open my jaw, I set a dentists appointment however, the night before that my face blew up in swelling. Not just normal swelling either. My face was rock hard and huge. I went to Urgent Care.

I was admitted to the ER 'due the size of my face' and eventually transferred to another hospital 35 minutes away that had an oral surgical team. When I arrived there, I was told I'd be having an operation. I was a little thrown, but I usually just let the doctors do their thing! After some painkillers (I accepted mainly to calm my nerves) I was admitted and placed in ER Trauma for a few hours.

After a few hours of basic tests, and a CT scan I was placed in the ICU because my swelling was so bad that my airway was beginning to close. I would have to wait another night for surgery.

I began IV antibiotics, the first of many bags. The next night I finally had my surgery. They removed 2 teeth, my lower right wisdom tooth, and the molar in front of it, and drained my cheek. When I awoke I was on a breathing tube due o my swelling and had 2 penrose drains sewn into my mouth.

I remained on the tube another day and a half, and in the ICU another 3 days total. Eventually I was transferred to the Surgical recovery wing for another night before having my drains removed and being discharged.

6 and a half days and 21 bags of IV antibiotics later, I was home. I was prescribed more antibiotics, painkillers (which I have not been taking as I have no pain, only numbness), and an oral rinse.

My problems don't seem to end there though...

Now; I'm always tired! I've been having trailing vision and spells of dizziness. It's hard to focus on menial tasks, walking is hard, and I'm generally weak. My chest feels tight often, my heart rate slowed. I return to work in geez, 7 hours now and I'm just not ready! But, I have no choice, honestly... I'm broke!

Are these symptoms normal? Or is something new going on? Will this feeling go away? How long? What can I do to make this transition easier? Are the antibiotics holding me back? Hurting me even?

I'm just lost here, this all happened so fast, and I feel entirely thrown and just unable to live my life!
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I've done some additional research and found that some individuals had trouble with Vertigo after oral surgery. I seem to be experiencing this symptom, sadly. It's very hard to cope with. All my research seems to be inconclusive as to the cause or the cure, and some complaints ranged from 1 day after surgery to 2 months after surgery.

I surely hope the latter does not apply to me here.
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