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Lips dryed due to clove oil & burned in the sides...


I used Clove Oil to clean my dark gums, since I smoke regularly.

Anyhow I used Clove oil on my lips thinking it will reduce the darkness of lips, now my lips are too dry and my side skin to my lips are little burned, the skin is coming out.

I am using Soframycin for now to heal the burning sensation, I don't know what else to do... this is the first day it started, I applied clove oil yesterday.

Anyone please suggest the right direction as to what needs to be done?

P.S : I did not consult a doctor yet, since its just been a day.
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smoking should not darken your gum tissue (unless its related to the lack of circulation in the tissue which you cant fix except to stop smoking), however it can stain your teeth and create a line of stain that may look like its on the gums, but really on the tooth.  I would not use any oils to clean your mouth.  Stick with an ADA approved toothpaste and mouthwash and make sure you get your teeth cleaned every 6 months.  Remember to brush at least twice a day and floss once a day, especially since you smoke as that is the leading cause of periodontal disease, which leads to tooth loss.

  I dont know much about soframycin, but be careful about putting it on your lips, read the label and see if there is an ingestion warning.  Might be best to only use a lanolin based roll on gloss or something like that.  You could try one of the numbing dental agents that you can get at your local drug store, that will numb the area where it burns.  Only takes a little bit.  
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Hi Cycl3Chick,

Thank you for the suggestion :) my lips are doing all right, I recovered really fast after applying saframycin and also used Nivea skin care....

Also as you suggested I have cut down smoking to just one cigarette, that means I have quit.. :) today was the last day I ever smoke and In the future I would never smoke ...
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congrats on quitting. that the #1 thing you can do to improve your overall health. plus think of all the money you will save!
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I agree with you Lynn.... its my 3rd day since quit.. its a very nice feeling not to smoke... I feel more good :) though I do get cravings in between to smoke one ! but I have a strong will to avoid the cravings for nicotine :) Am sure I will keep up my will
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