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Local Anesthetic does not freeze my mouth

Dental freezing does not freeze my mouth, no matter how much needles they inject.  The dentists have also made different mixtures of the anesthetic but nothing works.  There are many in my family with this same condition.

I have been put under to do fillings and root canals because I am terrified to sit on the chair to receive what I call "required torture".  I look at others in the dental office and wish I could receive my dental treatments with no pain, I envy them.

What other methods are out there that I can receive dental treatments without pain.  It takes months and a good chunk of my money to be put under to do "a filling".
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Before the era of chemical anesthetics, hypnosis was delivered to render surgical treatment by some surgeons. In today's practice, chemical anesthesia is so effective that hypnosis is rarely used. The descriptions that none of the available anesthetic solution can achieve adequate anesthesia is extremely rare. If injection technique is employed properly, anesthesia is almost always achieved. You may need to find a dental office where an anesthesilogist is affiliated, or a dentist who is familiar with hypnosis.
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I don't know if this is any use to you but I get referred to a specialist clinic in our area I am terrified of having anything done to my teeth. The technique they use at this place is an injection where you are conscious but do not remember a thing when you come round. I had two extractions a filling scrape and polish last time and I can honestly say I don't remember any of it. The only downside is you have to be referred by your own dentist and the waiting list for just an assessment is approx 6 months. Then you have to wait a further 6 months for treatment.
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