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Lockjaw persists after wisdom tooth 'procedure', + Bruxism


One week ago I had a surgical intervention on one of my wisdom teeth (lower-left-8th). The tooth had been growing in loose, soft and crooked, and was getting into a position above the 7th tooth next to it. The tooth was NOT EXTRACTED per se, but certain areas were cut in order to quell the problems of the two teeth interacting.

After the intervention, the dentist placed an anti-infective gauze over the area, which he said must stay for two weeks.

One week later, the swelling has calmed down, but I am still in terrible pain, and experiencing trismus (I cannot open my jaw much further than 1/2"). My dentist's suggestion was that I force open my jaw with my fingers every hour, ("until you start crying"). He said this was the only way the lockjaw would be overcome, and if I didn't do this, he would have to wrench it open himself.

I have been researching these symptoms/procedures on the internet, and have found several warnings against ever forcing the jaw open.

My questions are:

After how long should I start worrying if lockjaw persists?
Is my Bruxism (nightly teeth grinding) exacerbating my situation?
(since the operation I have not been grinding at night, but have probably had a tense jaw)

Any help appreciated, thank you :)
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