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Lump/ball on gum

hey guys so for a month ive had a small ball on my gums right above a tooth which came out out on its own due to bad oral hygene i guess. i went to the dentist to find out about it but she didnt put to much mind to it and said i have a infection. the ball gets big if i chew but usually if im not eating or passing anything around that tooth area is not so big. its sensitive if i touich it. but im kinda worried cause it dosent go away. now i dont think i should be worried cause dentist did xray and all and didnt pay mind to it. she issued me some anti biotics which i dont take as asked i must admit. but what can this lump be? i repeat i am missing the tooth under the gum due to it falling out to trauma not cause extraction.
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btw im 26. i dont smoke cigs. but do smoke marijuana certains day but not every. i have no patches on my mouth. and sometimes the ball/lumpo when it grows when i eat turns sort of yellow then back to the color of gums.
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