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Lump on side of gum above wisdom tooth extraction, mild pain when touched

I had a filling on a wisdom tooth (upper) immediatley after the injection wore off i was in agony for a week the dentist said it was because the filling was so deep it was aggrivating the nerve and he would have to take it out. That was two weeks ago and i think everything is ok apart from i have noticed a large hard lump on the side of my gum in the fleshy area at the back of my mouth. The lump is sore to the touch or if i knock it with my tooth brush, or if i move my mouth aggresively and it rubs my cheek. I have noticed that food gets into the hole where my tooth was and reading other peoples descriptions i was worried if this was a dry socket, i can see into the hole but not all the way down to the bone or anything. Im also not in agony as many other people have said they were. Do you think i have a problem or is it just normal swelling and healing?
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I do not think it is a dry socket. Your friends are correct, you would be in a great deal of discomfort if the socket was dry. Without seeing it, it sounds like the normal healing process. If you are concerned have the dentist check it out.
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