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Mercury Poisoning

I have had a rash of health problems during the past year. Many of these are auto immune related. I have had a number of medical test performed to try and detwermine the root cause of my problems without success until very recently. I had a metals screening run and it showed that my level of mercury was far above the upper accepatable limit.

The doctor who I am seeing thinks that to is related to old amalgam fillings. I had these redone in 1981 but once again they were amalgam fillings. I have a total of 9 fillings in all. Do you think that this is a possible cause of my problems?

The symptoms that I have experienced range from irritation of the vagus nerve tha caused my heart to be very stressed to the point of raising my enzyme levels to a dangerously elevated state. I experience stomach pain often right after I eat, I am prone to catching anything that is going around, I had the shingles and I also experienced numbness on both sides of my body at the same time. The symptoms disappeared completely for 4 months without warning and then resurfaced without warning. I have had all known heart tests done that showed nothing, I have had a upper and lower GI done as well as a colonoscory and an extensive MRI that showed no problems. I have also had screens run for many types of cancer that fortunately were all negative. I have been diagnosed with hyper[parathyroidism. The mercury test was the only other positive test result that I have had in the many tests that I have had run in the last year.

I am scheduled to see a endochronologist ths week about my hypoparathyroidism and a dentist about my mercury poisoning next week.

Could mecury poisonong be coming from my old fillings and are my many symptoms linked to mercury poisoning? Any assistance that people could provide woud be greatly appreciated.
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Its generally accepted that amalgam/metal fillings in the mouth don't leak mercury once its placed.  There is some mercury exposure when placing the fillings but not once they are set inside the mouth.  Some dentists do feel that its a health hazard and will replace them but its not the general accepted practice at this point.  

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