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Molar Crown removed - all sorts of beaten and bruised up. Expectedl?

Had a wisdom tooth removed.  Less than a week later, the tooth next to the old wisdom (already worked on twice as the dentist said there was a cavity in it - filling caused pain when chewing so he redid the filling a 2nd time and still a problem) and the crowned molar next to it started throbbing.  Feels like it's coming from the area between the crowned molar and the one next to the old wisdom tooth.  So, I go back.  The doc tries using the dent puller 6, 7, 8 times and the crown won't budge.  Probably dented the bottom end of the crown where this tool was yanking on it.  So, he starts drill cutting through it.  Took a while but he finally gets it off.  Says there is a bit of decay.  He buzzes around, presses some stuff in there (I guess it was filling material).  Crafts a temp from some industrial smelling caulk and off I go numbed up.  Later that evening my cheek, my jaw around that tooth, gums, all sore and painful.  I iced it for 45 minutes or so.  The tooth is throbbing like never before.  I'm trying to figure out if this is normal and I should just expect to feel beaten and bruised like I was in a street fight, or is this dentist a butcher and I should get my money back and get as far away from this doc as I could.  No root canal, but I'm beginning to worry that the problem I had before is the devil I knew that I should have lived with.  The crown seemed to have a bit of a leak.  Sometimes it was sensitive to hot or cold liquids around the sealed perimeter so it seemed prudent to make sure there was no problem developing underneath where x-rays can't show.  To make matters worse, since he started that filling on the tooth next to the wisdom tooth a couple of months ago and each time he did more work I'm like skipping beats right on the heels of the work and for days following. Now I'm worried - could there be some sort of infection that's causing me more serious issues. Is he using dirty instruments?  I thought an infection would show sure and serious indications, but could you get something happen that quickly and spread undetected?  Help!  
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Seeing an endodontist is advised.
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