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Molar pain, not fixed.


For months I have had pain on one of my molars. This pain is sharp and only occurs when I bite or push on the tooth forward. I am 17 and have had braces and am currently wearing retainers, I had to have two teeth removed a year and a half ago and my wisdom teeth are just beginning to come through. I visited the dentist and complained about the pain, she said it may be a small fracture and put on a substance and that was that, the pain was still there so I visited again today. I had a filling replaced on this molar and some decay was removed within the tooth during replacement. It is now several hours later and the pain is still there when I bite or put pressure on the tooth only in a forward direction. Please help.


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Go back to the dentist and get it checked out again.  The filling may be interfering with the bite and may need a minor adjustment.  If that doesn't solve the problem, you may need a root canal but your dentist should evaluate for that.
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The dentist should also try to determine if the tooth is in fact fractured.  If it is this will determine what type of treatment the tooth needs to give you relief.
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You have to go back to your dentist.I think you have problem in feeling.It may be minor.So you have to readust it.

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