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Moth Ball Breath

What causes moth ball smelling breath in a 50 year old man?
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I don't really know what mothball smell is like, but does he have diabetes?

Check this with doctor!

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ya know, now that you mention this, i have encountered a few people middle aged and older who have had the same smelling breath. sorry, all i have to offer.
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It has been my experience that "moth ball" breath is an indicator of tooth decay, even if there is no pain. You might want to visit your dentist.
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My 43 yr old husband recently began taking cholesterol and blood pressure medicine, and shortly afterwards, I noticed his breath smelled of moth balls.  He has had no other complaints or symptoms and plans to consult with the doctor about it during his next visit.  We don't know if it's related to his medication, but that was the only change he had made.
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My 67 year old husband also recently began taking cholesterol and blood pressure medicine (Lipitor & Altace) and I have noticed the "moth ball" breath syndrome.  Sounds like a clue to me.
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I am 30 years old, and I HAVE This moth ball breath thing. How do I know? Everytime I get close to someone they offer me a mint or gum - EVERY TIME. I have had people tell me also.  I have had people look like they were going to newly throw up when sitting across from me eating. Also, I had a man, that I used to work with, and it used to almost ball me over. So I know exactly how bad this is! If I use a very strong mouth wash - it actually makes it WORSE! So bad, that if I breath heavily, I can actually smell it MYSELF if I breath hard. Now you know that is bad, when you can smell it yourself. The good news is, I know what it is. It is gum disease. I have stage 2 Gingivities/ its a periodontal disease. All of those words are probably spelt wrong, but you are smart...and can figure out what I mean. Anyways...I would suggest going to a great dentist - and have their gums rooted, and scaled - they grade the gums. If the gums have "pockets" they call them - the smell gets trapped in them. I know its gross.
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