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Mouth Problems?

I have become increasingly concerned with the back wall of my throat/tonsil area. After a bout of Strep and mono (though I will add that the sore throat was NOT severe in either cases oddly enough, I was swallowing fine and with relatively no pain, just slight irritation), I had noticed my throat seemed very "beat up" per se.

Here is a current image of my mouth: http://i27.tinypic.com/2r5wyac.jpg

Notice the seemingly cluster of bumps on the back wall, and overall "redness?"

It's weird to me since I have absolutely NO pain, discomfort, or anything. But it just looks so atrocious! I don't recall it looking like this before, but I also haven't analyzed my throat too often. Just want to hear what you think is going on, if anything. Thanks!
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Thank you Jerome,

I will be this coming week. Did you happen to take a look at the picture I linked to? Does it look like something I should be concerned about? Thanks!
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If you are concerned, I would recommend going to an ENT to get it checked out.  
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