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Mouth hurts

I have Fibromyalgia and I have dentures on the uppers.  They hurt me all the time I only wear them when I have to, other wise I take them out.  My tounge hurts all the time also like it is to big for my mouth with the dentures.  What could be causing this?
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It's sounds like your dentures don't fit properly and not fivro.  Have you gone for a reline of your denture lately?  It shouldn't hurt and fibro shouldn't affect denture pain.  

Go back to the dentist that fitted your denture and have the fit checked.  It may be all you need is a simple reline to get rid of the pain.

Hope this helps.
Best to you,
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I have had these teeth since 2007 and they have always hurt me.  Ever since I got Fibromyalgia I am sencitive to pain.  I even had a new set of dentures maid and they do the same thing.  My toung and gums stays sore all the time.  Thanks for the advice.
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Hi again,
I see.  It's the fibro you have to treat, not so much the denture themselves.  It is what's causing the pain in your gums.  Is that correct?

Having fibro is a tough one.  You have my sympathy.  Perhaps a pain specialist would be able to offer you some solutions.  

In the meantime, I wonder if using something to temporarily numb your gums would help desensitize them enough to conform around your denture?  In other words, rub your gums with an orajel numbing gel let it work for a while and then place in your denture.  If you can quiet it the nerve sensation in your gums, maybe it will no longer recognize the denture as causing it.  Might be worth a try.  

Good luck and let us know how you do.

My very best to you,
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