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Multiple tooth extraction

I just went to the dentist for the first time in a while to find that I need to have 9 teeth pulled (as well as cavities filled and root canals done) and I have some questions on what to expect...
I am having all 4 wisdom teeth pulled (2 came in sideways) and 5 molars ( 2 bottom left, 2 bottom right and 1 upper left) my molars (or whats left of them) are cracked down into my gums...

Should I expect to have all 9 extractions done in one day?
Am I (I hope) looking at general anesthesia?
Am I looking at a lot of pain and swelling and bruising?
Should I plan to be rather blah all day?
***I am planning to have my 15 month old spend the night at his Aunts)***
Should I be okay to go to work the next day?

I go for my consult at the oral surgeons Friday, I am not sure how long afterwards they will schedule the surgery,  was hoping maybe same day but I am not sure, at this point I am just trying to figure out what to expect
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You should NOT drink fluids through a straw.

It would cause a vacuum in your mouth and may actually DISLODGE your clot and cause dry socket or some other complication.  Follow your oral surgeon's home care instructions.  He/she will probably prescribe antibiotics for coverage and pain medication.  

Each experience is different depending on the complexity of the extraction.  If you are going to have it done under sedation, it may make more sense to get them all out at once.  You will probably be pretty sore for the first week and it should gradually improve throughout that first week.  I would probably avoid going to work the first day as the sedation may cause some nausea and feeling of "blah" as you said.  You may need someone you trust to drive you there and back as well.  Plan ahead and buy soups, popsicles, etc for food.  
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hi i really feel for you.most likely u'll have all of ur extractions done in 1 go under general.because ur molars are worn down into ur gums,u might have some sutures placed.really depends on how the oral surgeon extracts ur teeth.i rekon u'll have a blah day.follow ur surgeons after care,otherwise u might have complications,like infection and even developing dry sockets.drink fluids with a straw,so you dont dislodge blood clots.
as for your 15month old,i would send him/her to aunties place to stay the night(but thats what i would do)
the surgeon should write u a medical certificate for work,even if its for a day
good luck
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