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My brothers mouth sometimes hurts?

Ok so sometimes my little brother ( 8 ) Gets these really bad toothaches usually on a wednesday night he'll be subtle at first then he'll like start crying and screaming he does have cavities there though.
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Hi there,
A dental examination is necessary for correct clinical diagnosis and management. Dental decay and cavities should not be left untreated. It is suggested to avoid hard brushing, hard diets and snacks like chips, sour foods or drinks, hot drinks, carbonated acid drinks, sticky chocolates etc.He should gargle his mouth with warm saline water. Seeing a dentist for appropriate diagnosis and management is very important. Keep me posted.
Best luck and regards!
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If your brother has cavities in his teeth, he should be seen by the dentist as soon as possible to either get them repaired or if they are baby teeth to have them removed.

Getting food stuck or eating on sweet things can get into the cavities and cause a lot of pain.  

Get your parent to take him to the dentist as soon as possible.

Best wishes.
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