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My tooth still hurts after root canal

Hi everyone
I am really desperate please give me some advice :(
And sorry for my english in advance....

One and a half month ago i started to feel a dull ache in one of my lower teeth (5th on the left). I immediately visited my dentist but the xray showed nothing so they said they dont touch it...
The ache became not bearable without medicine so I had ibuprofen every single day since then.. 1,5 weeks ago i had enough and I visitied my dentist once again.
They started a root canal procedure,two days later cleaned the tooth and put a temporary filling in.
The procedure was so bad I needed two injections. The worst part is that the toothache is still here...its like my gums and ligaments and also the tooth are sore...not striking but a dull permanent ache! I can sleep but as soon as i am awake i feel it.
The dentist doesnt understand why i am in pain Xray shows nothing again!!!
So...what do you think i should do?
I will go for the 3. visit on Friday but i am still in pain.
She said no nerves left in the tooth...

Thank you very much yoir answers are highly appreciated!!!!!
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Your descriptions suggest non-odontogenic tooth ache, in which muscular toothache is likely, based on your description of pain quality. Seeing an orofacial pain specialist is advised.
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Hi! I actually just had my final stage of root canal done yesterday and was in constant dull ache just like you! Sometimes there is throbbing pain too. Can sleep but when I'm awake, that pain is just annoying.

I  went to my dentist today and she told me it might be the gum or ligament is still adjusting to the procedure. Painkillers helps me too but i hate relaying on it.

Do you experience any pain during your 2nd/1st visit for root canal when your dentist insert the file into your canal? My dentist actually told me the file poke through the tiny hole at the end of every tooth root, it might have bruised the bone or anything down there. I undergo stage 2 and 3 of root canal without anaesthesia that's why I could feel the pain.

My dentist couldn't really understand why I am having pain too as everything seems well in xray.

Just want to let you know that you're not alone. Hugs.

When you go in for your next visit, ask for numbing shot, inform your dentist about this pain, and if possible, ask if antibiotics is gonna help.

I am on a wait and see method too. If by Tues, my pain is still here, I am gonna take antibiotics. I guess if it is still painful after antibiotics, I will just opt for extraction (there goes my 1ksgd) but I guess sometimes things just happened without any explanation.
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