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Need an expert's advice (invisalign)

I want to get invisalign. Here are my pics and some clinical info http://i.imgur.com/T2nbN.jpg

-i have a classII bite on right side. lower back teeth too far behind the upper back teeth
-missing upper left first molar with second molar extruded and tipping forward
-lower left second molar blocked from erupting by impacted lower left third molar
-impacted lower right third molar with infra-bony pocket forming against second molar root.
-i also have a impinging frenum
- lower midline shifts to the right

My main concern is the wide spacing between all my front upper and lower teeth. I want to get these closed. If any experienced docs could give me an idea of how long this would take, I would much appreciate it.

I got a consultation from a local ortho and he wants to charge me wayy too much money. The cost is prohibitive  but i'm hoping I can find someone who is more affordable.
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