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Need dental advice immed

Okay to give you the low down!

My husband has gone to the dentist. He has a very bad case going on. Severe infection, and is on antibiotics. Some of his teeth are broken and stuff.
In the long run, they are telling him that this is life threatening because the infection is so bad it is eating away at bone and is only 3 inches from his brain. So the dentist is telling him that he needs immediate dental work done. He needs 9 extractions, 4 root canals and 4 or 6 i cant remember bone graphs done. its a 4 hour procedure and is going to cost 6000 dollars! AH we do not have any insurance. They wont even consider dentures until he has this work done. if this is so life threatening why isn't he being put in hospital so OHIP can pay. To top this off, like I said its 4 hour work and he's not even being put to sleep. Isn't this a lot of work for just some teensy freezing job?
Does anyone know what we can do. This has to happen immediately. They want him to get worked on ASAP.
Any advice would be super awesome.
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I agree that you should seek a second opinion.

It does seem like a very long procedure being 4 hours long and not be put to sleep.  I don't know how you can be referred to a dental surgeon at a hospital.  May be he should ask the dentist to refer him to the hospital's dental surgeon.

I had 4 impacted wisdom teeth removed and that was by the hospital's dental surgeon under general anaesthetic.

Get a second opinion and also look in the telephone directory or search on line to see if there is a dentistry school near you that you can contact if they can fit your husband in as soon as possible.  They would certainly be a lot cheaper than the dentist.

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Hi, get a second opininon but do it asap incase they are correct. They put me out when my wisdom teeth were taken so i think it would be best that way but ask the doctor for a freezing is acceptable.
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