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New composite fillings turning into multiple root canals

I had 5 amalgam (29 year old) fillings replaced with composite restorations. Two of the 5 were sensitive. The doc replaced, based the teeth with fuigi 9 and layered composite on top. One by one and two by two, my teeth have been bombing out. All have had to have root canals. I know that two of the molars were deep but the others? I am baffled. The doc is baffled too. I am a grinder and a clencher. I had an accident 20 yrs ago landed on my left side of my face. That could be catching up to me, who knows. I also had an underbite. I had braced for 5 years to correct. I am wondering if the bonding materials didn't sit right with me and caused some kind of reaction? The other amalgams were not deep. Or it is a combination of all of the above. Does anyone have any ideas? I have talked with several endontists and dentists. Basically, they say it just is. I am not a smoker or do drugs. I am rapidly getting bankrupt with all of this dental work, yikes. plus, I had two other root canals that needed to be done 10 years ago but the doc felt it was a different tooth. NOT. I had a canine moved surgically and ortho.and the gums did not attach. It makes sense but it didnt hurt. I went back to my dentist yesterday with pain. In July, there was not an abcess or anything like it on tooth #30. Now, I have an abcess and the ligament is widened. It is tender. This is the only chewer that I have. I am waiting for buildups and crowns for my other teeth on the left side. I don't know what to do?
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I am curious why you had the amalgams replaced? Was there recurrent decay under the restorations or was this for cosmetic purposes? I certainly have had teeth that were sensitive after placement of the composites(although much less as the materials are improved) but for the most part they do not require RCT unless the cavity is deep. I am not sure what is going on.It might be just coincidence that this is occuring all at once.
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I had leaking around my amalgams and decay underneath. It maybe that I have needed root canals. I had a constant headache on my left side for over a decade. I have become used to the pain over the years until I couldn't handle it anymore. When the amalgams started to become sensitive to sweet and noticably leaking. It was time to replace them. I had a class 3 occlusion when I was younger and had no follow up on the adjustment of the occlusion. My bite has always been off. I think I have numerous problems going on. I clench constantly throughout the day and night and grind. I am in the middle of my dental work so my night guard does not fit and hurts when I put it on. I had an xray taken on #30 in July now I have a visible abscess. The ligament is also widened. This is one of my chewers that I put pressure on and constantly grind with. So I am thinking I need to get the one side completed so I can chew. I am a dental assistant for 18 years and I have not seen this before. I have talked with several colleagues also. I thought I would get a different perspective.
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I've had something similar to this... however I've been given the choice of root canals or extraction, so I've been taking the extractions.
I found this from http://www.dentaldean.com/dental-care-articles/amalgam-dental-fillings.htm
"Composite resin fillings or plastic dental fillings are an alternative to metal tooth fillings. Composite dental fillings look like a natural tooth and will not show any signs of a filling in the mouth when smiling or opening the mouth. These fillings are just as strong and durable as metal fillings and should last approximately 6-12 years."

I have had fillings that were originally filled with the Amalgam, then to have them removed and filled with the resin (probably for cosmetic reasons even though they were in the back of my mouth - can't change the past)... and then again with the resin as the cavity seems to have reoccured.  I'm really furstrated having to have my fillings done for the third or fourth time. It's too expensive... adding the financial stress to it all... if the ultimate fate of a tooth will be removal why do trial and error to wait for this to occur?

Is it possible that the resin does not adhere to all teeth? I've had the procedure done at several dentists... they all can't be THAT bad can they?
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