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Nic in tooth?? How and what to do about it??

I went to the dentist last week for cleaning and they told me I had some gum inflamation so I've been brushing my teeth three times (or more) a day than my normal once a day. Today when I was brushing I saw a brown line on my tooth that I thought was just food or something, so I brushed again and it didnt come off. I have braces on so i used a toothpick(probably not the best thing) to poke at it to see if it was a stain or something. The brown line is actually a slight chip or nick in my tooth probably only a half a centimeter long. I could hardly even tell it was a chip since the braces wire was in the way and not at all deep. The chip actually curves a bit to follow the braces.

When I went to the doctor's they didn't mention it so I don't think I had it then, but what could've happened to cause it?? Was I brushing too hard, too much?? Was it caused by my braces?? What should I do about it?? Will it cause any problems??
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