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Non-stop pain after tooth pull

I had my upper-right 1st pre-molar pulled on the 9th of this month. Once the local wore off it has not stopped hurting. I went back 5 days later. The dentist reopened the healing spot and put in medicine for a dry socket although I did NOT have a dry socket. This did nothing to help. The tooth had a slight bulb on the end of the root and was not smooth, I was told and shown the xray, Was told to give it a little more time. I then went back again 4 days later. The Dentist then performed a test to determin if I need a root canal on the teeth on either side of the removed tooth. Some sort of nerve test w/ an electric wand that is supposed to feel cold. The teeth are fine. I was prescribed more Vicodin ES ,and(It does not help with the pain, it just makes me care less about it),and a stronger anti-biotic. I have given this time to heal and it still HURTS! BAD! The Pain is from the top of where the tooth was to inside my right eye. It feels like someone just punched me in the mouth constantly. And it burns in my mouth and my upper back above the bra-line. I cannot stress how unbearable it constantly is. Any ideas to what is going on? I am 20 days in and just want it to stop.

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I think you need to see an oral surgeon asap.
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i would see an oral surgeon and have the area evaluated.
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Hello, I'm a hygienist not a dentist. However, It does sound like you are having more difficulty than just a dry socket.  Does the pain migrate to more than just that location?
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Hi. I have just read your post and can sympathise with your situation because this is exactly the same as I am going through at the moment. I have had an awful time with my teeth over that last 6 months and had to have seven extracted. Each one has provided so much relief but this last one (my bottom left 2nd premolar) just will not stop hurting. It was extracted due to failed root canal treatment and came out with an abscess attached to the side of the root. It was extracted on 2nd March and still it hurts me too. The gum itself looks fine and is shrinking nicely but i cannot bare to even touch it. My dentist took x-rays but says everything looks fine (this was a little over a week ago). I am going back again tomorrow. I have felt the area myself and the side of the gum looks fine but I am sure I can feel a slightly raised bump.  If I get any joy from my dentist I'll post back! I hope you get sorted soon.
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