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Numb Lips

Bit of background...I'm 29 yrs. old. Have huge fear of cancer due to grandmother's death from Ovarian cancer, have TMJ suppose to wear splint every night even though I don't.  Medication currently taking is Buspar for anxiety, multi-vitamin.  I noticed on my way to work yesterday morning that my both lips felt like novcaine was wearing off eventhough I haven't been to the dentist but it slowly got better as the day went on and its like the tingly area would move to different locations but by the time I got home yesterday afternoon it was pretty much back to normal.  Well this morning I woke up fine and its like I thought about my lips and poof my lips feel like novcaine is wearing off again.  But today I am seriously obsessing about it.  It kinda feels like when you drink too much wine, how your lips and/or nose feels numb, thats what it feels like.  I can completely feel my lips it just feels like novcaine or something is wearing off, feel kinda tingly.  I feel no lumps or bumps anywhere on my neck or face or lips or inside my mouth.  I do have a little bit of post nasal drip and sinus pressure.  Everything looks like it always does.  I haven't done anything out of my norm, haven't changed toothpaste or mouthwash, haven't tried any new drinks or food.  I'm starting to freak out since my mind wants to jump to the worst conclusion (cancer). Should I go see the doctor right away and should I be concerned?  What could this be from?  Thank you for your time.
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Don't jump to the worst conclusion.  It doesn't sound serious.  If the sensation continues, have an examination by a dentist or an oral surgeon.
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to me, as a dentist, it does not sound like it is related to cancer at all. relax, and see a dentist or oral surgeon if it persists.
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Sounds like the numbness is right across your lips - in which case nerves from BOTH sides of your body would have to be affected and therefor you would need to have symmetrical tumours grosing in exactly the same place on both sides of your body. THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN. You dont get simultaneous and symetrical tumours.

Pervious advice is good - however if your symptoms do not improve or get worse then consult your dentist / doctor and there could be a reason you are getting an altered sensation.
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have TMJ
tingly area would move to different locations
little bit of post nasal drip and sinus pressure

These sound like hypothyroid symptoms to me.  Have you been tested?  If so, get your own copy of blood test and double check levels.  Most lab ranges are out of date and docs do not realise.  Also suggest get thyroid antibodies checked.
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Also...check B12 which is common in hypoT sufferers.  This can be culprit for numb lips and nose etc IMO.
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