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Odd Toothache

I have a toothache on teeth numbers 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 21, 22, and 23. The pain is most intense on # 9 and 11, and barely noticeable on 22 and 23. The pain spreads throughout and at times certain teeth feel absolutely normal. It is not unbearable, but painful nonetheless.
Applying pressure to the side of my mouth relieves the pain
I am a 14 year old male, so I believe my teeth are still shifting. I have never had pain like this before, and all of my adult teeth have come in. I have not had braces yet, my teeth have been relatively straight, but I will probably get them soon.

So I would just like a diagnosis, and if at all possible, a prognosis which can be easily executed at home.

The first instance of this pain was today, May 10, at around 7:45 AM. It faded after about twenty minutes. The pain recurred at around 6:30 PM and has been irritating me for the last half hour.

I'm quite sure that this does not have an effect, but about 3 years ago I was kicked in the mouth by a ski boot. This cracked # 8 and 9 almost perfectly in half. The stumps were appended with some sort of plastic/glue and epoxy.
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i will be seeing a dentist asap, and probably an orthodontist too.
the pain usually originates from #11, but as i am writing this, the pain is only evident in #9. The pain has been coming back more often and often for prolonged periods. It varies in level of pain.

Also, I have not yet gotten braces because my teeth are almost perfectly straight. Though my dentist says it is inevitable (i am a professional actor, so I don't want to get them too soon, but i definitely want them), he recommends waiting until my mouth is done growing/shifting. Tooth #11 is perhaps the largest anomaly of the straightness of my teeth. Is there any chance that pressure from the adjacent teeth has increased and that is causing pain?

It might not be relevant, but i forgot to mention that about a week ago i had my mandibular second molars appended. There were deep concavities (not caries, just deep teeth). My dentist filled them with something to make them shallower. My bite may have been slightly affected, but I doubt that could have a huge impact on pain in teeth.
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The problem may be the ski boot accident. You had two teeth cracked in half so by now, they may have some decay or nerve problems. Is there any way you can see a dentist to find out what's going on? If it is indeed these two teeth it can cause pain in the other ones.
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