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Oral blister

About 2 weeks ago I bit my lower lip while eating.  My incisor is crooked and that is the tooth that made contact with my gums.  

A small sore came about.  Then it turned into what looked like a water blister with a small white tip center.  Finally after continuous irritation ( biting it while eating)  I popped it.  It was simple.  Fluid came out and a little blood.  It rapidly filled again.  Popped it again.  Filled again and I popped it again this morning.  It doesn't hurt.  It is just annoying cuz it rubs against that incisor.  

Why won't it go away?  Or at least get smaller?  Is there anything I can do besides gargling with salt water?  
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Your description is consistent with mucous retention phenomenon( mucocele) of lower lip. The cause is that secretory duct of minor salivary gland was severed. Treatment of choice is surgical revomal of the minor salivary gland. Seeing an oral surgeon is advised.
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