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Oral candidiasis--adult thrush

After being in a car accident, I had been placed in an induced coma for almost 3 months, during this time, I had no oral care. After coming out of the coma, they started to do oral care on me. The nurse ask when was the last time I had been given oral care, I told here not at all placed on my memory. I had what she called Oral candidiasis, or in other words , and I had a severe case of it, she also said it could have been caused by me having been on antibiotic's during the time. I was placed on a IV antibiotic's for thrush. My question is> why did I get it, and how can I prevent from getting it again? That has been almost 6 years ago, but although I do brush my teeth and my tongue daily. I still within a couple of days time develop a build up on my tongue and have a severe mouth odor, I use hydrogen peroxide to help remove the build up and brush extremely well, about every three days or it continues to get worse. I do not used mouth wash as I was told not to use it, that it could trigger another episode of thrush. I see a doctor on a regular basis, for injury's I received in the car accident, is this something should I talk to him about it? I am a smoker.
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Candida is common yeast which is found on the skin and genitals of most people. Candida is usually suppressed by the immune system and the natural bacteria found in the body, but there are many things that can upset the balance and allow Candida to grow. Antibiotics promote yeast infections like gastrointestinal Candida overgrowth, and penetration of the GI mucosa. Few risk factors for candidiasis are prolonged antibiotic use; people with diabetes or impaired immune systems, such as those with HIV etc. If you are having recurrent bouts of thrush then it is suggested to treat each bout as and when it occurs. Oral medications like a fluconazole tablet once per week may be used as maintenance treatment for few months. Please consult your attending doctor before starting any medication. Hope it helps.
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