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Pain after extraction!

I had an appt. to have my lower back molar removed because it was broken and turning gray. I had no pain before I went to the dentist. He used 10 ampules of (I'm guessing) it was novacaine. As he was using the needle in my cheek area, I experienced the worst pain ever and tried to tell him to stop, he did after he poked and prodded 3 more times. Immediately when he was done he left the room and my body started trembling so hard that is was hard for me to stay in the chair. I was not cold and couldn't figure out why I was shaking so bad. It lasted only a min. or two and then quit. I told the assistant that I thought he "hit" something in my cheek because it hurt really bad. Now it's been 5 days, I've had the most horrible pain, tingling in my jaw, chin and lip area. The pain goes from my cheek to my ear, throbbing. I've had ice packs and heat on it for the entire 5 days. He gave me Tylenol 3 when the extraction was done. I called him the next day and told him that I thought something was wrong because I was hurting so bad and couldn't eat. He said give it some time. Day 5, still have 10+ pain in cheek and near the ear along with a headache that won't go away, numbness in chin, lip and gumline on that side.
My question is: Do you know what he could have done to cause this and will it go away? I'm thinking of getting another Rx from him for something stronger but can't take Vicodan.
Thanks for your help.
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It sounds like there may have been an injury to the nerve either during the injection or during the extraction.  See if your dentist can prescribe you Ibuprofen 800mg to go along with your codeine with tylenol (but you got to be sure its safe for you).  

You may want to contact your dentist and ask if there may possibly be a nerve injury.  He may refer you to a neurologist or an oral surgeon.
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