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Pain after final root canal.. Please help!!

hi, is it normal to experience constant dull ache after final stage of root canal for an infected tooth? I have been having it since last night (had the final stage yesterday), sometimes throbbing pain, but all will be under control if I take 500mg of painkillers. But if i don't, it will come back again. I actually went to my dental clinic today and was seen by another dentist, she didn't mention anything bad about my X-ray of my completed root canal tooth. She say the bite was good too. She gave painkillers to take as my previous didn't give me any, and told me if i still experience pain by next tues, come back for antibiotics. I am afraid that this is a failed root canal.. I spent 1kSGD on this tooth. I can't afford for any re-treatment, if needed. This dentist actually explained that this tooth might just be sore therefore pressing it or biting down is painful. That it is experiencing pain now is because there if filling in it and the tooth might be adjusting to it. And She said that might explain why I have no pain after stage 1 and 2. So now we're using wait and see method.

Yesterday during my root canal treatment, it was painful when she inserted the file deep into the root to clean/shape it (yes, I did the final stage without numbing as the dentist told me it shouldnt be painful). It was painful when she put in the filling too. She sealed it up, took an X-ray and told me it is successful. The pain I felt during procedure was due to the file poking through the tiny hole at the end of root.

During second visit of root canal, I undergo more cleaning and packing the tooth with medication without anaesthesia too. I didn't know it was still gonna be painful as i thought that the nerve is gone, therefore I won't feel anything. Yes, I don't feel anything during drilling or cleaning of 2 out of 3 canal. But one of the canal hurts when she was filing, flushing with bleach and when she put in medication. She told me that canal seems to be the only one still hurting. That tooth throb for about a few second after she pack it with temporary filling but it went away. Pain free for a month, no pain when tapping or biting or etc. If I knew stage 2 and 3 is still gonna have pain, I would have opt for numbing :(

Did y'all have numbing shot for all 3 visit of your root canal? And, did y'all experience any pain like mine after your final filling?

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