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Pain and acute swelling above old root canal, hospital?

I had root canal done on the second from the back, upper jaw molar about 2 years ago. Due to moving interstate a different dentist finished the work and gave me my permanent crown. At the time he said it looked really clean, no infection and that the previous dentist had done a good job. It has however always felt a little odd and sensitive touching the area above the crown, since it was put in.
About 6 months after it was completed i noticed a little pain that went in a couple of days, this has repeated every few months, I thought at first this was a result of inflaming the area where the work had been done, as i am a habitual tooth grinder in my sleep, rather than it being any kind of infection. (i thought you paid for root canal so you didn't get infected!!) However last time it happened (4 months ago) i noticed a little bit of facial swelling before the pain finally went away.
5 days ago i started experiencing much more acute throbbing pain (have not really slept the last 3 nights), and this morning i noticed pronounced facial swelling above where the root canal was done.
Now it is 10pm at night, and it is by far the worst it has ever been. i have a blinding headache (sharp 'stabby' feeling) my face is very swollen on one side, and experiencing ear ache as well as really acute pain in the jaw directly above the root canal tooth. (repeated dosing with high level pain killers offering no relief) I know I will not be sleeping at all tonight..
I know I should have gone to the dentist (insert crazy, busy work, wife hit by car this week while walking and sick kids) well before i got to this point..
Question is (and i apologise for the length of question but thought i should give some detail..) Should i get myself to hospital tonight, or am i ok to battle thru the night and see a dentist sometime tomorrow?
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If your problems are severe or persistent you should see a dentist as soon as possible. It is possible that you have developed some sort of infection or an abscess. A dental examination is necessary for determining the exact cause of your symptoms. Treatment options include over the counter anti-inflammatory medications, antibiotics and icing. Consult your dentist for exact diagnosis and proper management. I sincerely hope it helps.
Best luck and regards!
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