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Pain and irrigating after wisdom tooth extraction

I had my lower impacted wisdom tooth extracted one week ago.  I am still experiencing a rather large amount of pain that I sometimes feel in my front teeth and very much so in the cavity.    Is it normal to have a decent amount of pain a week after?  Also at this point is it safe to irrigate the cavity with a syringe or does it still pose a threat to dislodging the blood clot?  Thanks for your help in advance.
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It’s pretty normal to have pain 2-3 weeks after the extraction of teeth and as Jerome Tsang  stated gentle irrigation can be fine to proceed. However, get consulted to your dentist as there may be many potential risks of wisdom tooth extraction and it must be reviewed with your dentist.
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At one week, there should be sufficient time for the blood clot to solidify in the socket.  Gently irrigating it should be fine.

Depending on how difficult the extractions are, its possible to experience pain for a bit of time.  As long as its getting better and gradually healing, I would monitor the situation.  You may want to call and ask for your particular case though
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