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Pain in tooth even after re root canal

It started when i saw a tooth being eaten and was half left .i went to the doctor and he did temprorary   filling and the pain started .he then did a root canal and i was relieved of pain.he didnt put any crown or cap on it l,left that way.then after 3 and a half years an absyss was formed and then another doctor done re root canal on it .i was also relieved after that.but now its almost a year and a half the pain has returned so much every time something is touched on it .i havent eaten properly because even if i eat from one side my upper jaw touches the infected tooth and throbbing pain starts rite there for 10 secs. Now please tell me whats the solution should i extract it now .please tell me quick i am in deep worry .and does it hurt when it is extracted and whats the side effects of extraction ..waiting desperately for ur reply thanx..and my effected tooth is in the lower right second last tooth..thank you
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Sorry for the late reply.

It sounds like after two root canals have been unsuccessful, an extraction may be needed.  Why wasn't a crown placed on the tooth after the first root canal?

The recovery time of an extraction depends on how difficult it is to get out.  

Once the tooth is removed, the bone will shrink away somewhat and the teeth next to it will start to move into that space, causing potential bite problems and more difficulty in cleaning your teeth.  

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Hello!!thanks for the reply and i am also so sorry for this late reply.The thing is i am still suffering. the only difference is that the pain is somehow got lesser and it only hurts a little when i bite hard.i really do not  know why my dentist didn't even asked for the crown that is what is disturbing me.i did not knew anything about the crown until later when people and searching on the internet educated me.any how i feel an infection in my tooth and i think it is causing my body feel sick.i do not know if it is because of the infection .my tongue has also developed some yellow stuff on it and i wonder if the infection is causing it and i feel cold most often.can you plz tell me what should i do . should i go for extraction beacause that is the only option? . i am in deep confusion because my parents dont want me to loose a tooth at the age of 26.please tell me what should i do should i go for the bridge.is it a effective solution for  me?or an implant? which is better?does it cause trouble later ?my root canal experience has made me scared of it failing again.or should i carry on with this tooth by having antibiotics.after the infection is gone i can carry on like this  .Desperately waiting for your reply.thanks.
Note: my tooth is now left only as the height of my gum the rest is all gone.
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