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Pain/infection after Titanium Post Insert

On Jan 10 I had a titanium post inserted into my # 30, a previous root canal tooth (from several years ago).  The next day I was in pain, and the pain continued to worsen, including some pretty severe jaw pain.  The dentist adjusted the bite, then assumed it was infection, so put me on 10 day penicillin.  Nearing the end of that, I developed swelling on the outside gum, the dentist put me on 7 day clindamycin.  The swelling has decreased, the pain is nearly absent, but with 2 1/2 days left of the antibiotic, I have been feeling "twinges" in the tooth.  If this course of treatment doesn't work, what should happen next?  
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I am wondering if the antibiotics are a way to increase the amount of time you have to wait more than a cure. I have a bump/abscess at the top of the gum right now and actually had the entire procedure. I have relatively low pain but it just started and I know if gets worse. I hope I don't lose my tooth completely. Let me know how this works. I feel like I am driving myself mad researching what is going on.
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Taking a dental x-ray to rule out root frature is advised.
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One question... why was the titanium post inserted after so many years??
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