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Painful lump on upper gumline

The last couple of days I've noticed my upper gumline like right over my left front tooth has been kinda sore...not painful more annoying.   Last night, It got really annoying  and I could feel something there when my mouth would move as I talked.....  I had a look in the mirror and there is a lump about the size of a dime.  The bottom half of it is at the very top of my gumline, then the rest is like in my nostril...or I can feel it through the skin under my nose, I can't explain this.  I don't know what would grow so quickly...it wasn't there a few days ago.  Could it be something as simple as a pimple?    If so...how on earth would a pimple develop in that spot?!  Im not the most avid brusher, but I do brush at least once a day and when my mouth feels icky.

anyway this morning I woke up hoping it would have settles down a little but now my upperlip is all swollen too and I look like I got punched in the lip!!! What the heck is going on here?
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also, it hurts when I touch or push or bother the lump...which I can't bring myself to stop.  
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How come I am not getting a reply here?

It has gone from annoying, to painful and my upper lip is sorta numb.

I would post photos but you cant see the lump, you can just feel it....

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I dont really relate to this but do have a sympothy towards you.....i have a horribly painful tooth and posted a question and really need an answer but no one has replyed....Ugh....i just wanna pull my tooth out on my own
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Your description appears to be indicating an abscess. Seeing a dentist is advised.
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I think i'm heading to the hospital today..the lump is still there..the same size and still painful but now it stings.  I've been gargling with salt water...I dont know why lol

My husband told me to just go see the doctor instead of searching for answers online...I hate hate hate talking to doctors and having them poke around at me :(

I will update with what the doc says.

ps. sorry about your tooth :(  Sending good Karma your way (if that helps) lol
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Hi, don't know if you'll even see this, but I am having the exact same problem for months now, except mine is right side and no swollen lip, I cannot find a dentist in my area where I live, so was curious what your outcome was with yours
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Hi everyone. So I had this problem a few years ago and it has come back again. Basically all you Need is a root canal. The bump is an infections caused from a dead nerve or nerves from your tooth. Also it could be due to a injduty to the mouth at some point of your life and the infections lies dormant until it’s ready to act up. Just schedule an appointment at your dentist and get it taken care of. Lip might be numb for a few days but it’s worth having that annoying lump removed.
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