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Paresthesia/Facial Numbness after Wisdom Teeth Removal

I had my Wisdom Teeth taken out 2 weeks ago...ever since then my right lip and chin have been completely numb...I went back to the Oral Surgeon who wants to wait a month to see what happens, I have a follow up appointment in November right before Thanksgiving.  Is there anything I can do to help?  Based on common experience, how long does nerve damage "usually" take to heal?  I feel like I am in the dark...I cannot stand it...I am getting married next year and want to be able to kiss my husband!  Also, what is the % chance that is could be permanent?

Thank you in advance for all answers, I am so scared!
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Seeing a neurologist is advised.
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Hi ,, i had mine out 3 weeks ago tommorw and i am numb on my tongue only, it feels like it is massive and eating is a nightmare, i have had a constant tingle in my tongue since day one, i am also getting mariied next year and have the same fears, although it is mainly my tongue the underneath part of my jaw suffers from tingles and numbness, i too have spoke to my oral surgeon and have to wait till december 17th for follow up... from my reasearch and reading it appears that if you ahve tingles then this is a sign of recovery and that the nerve is working but can take 6months to a year to fully recover, !!
Hey i am having the same syntoons worried about it. How long did it take to go away?
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Hello billsfan6011,

As a dental student I would recommend the following:

However, please make sure and consult with your primary care physician
that You are not allergic to CORTICOIDS

Farmacological Treatment

Oral administration as a flash treatment for 3 to 4 days.


Betametasone (corticoid)

6 mg daily

let me know how your situation turns out
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My boyfriend is 21 and got his wisdom teeth removed today.  He is experiencing extreme numbness from the bottom right corner of his mouth , almost all the way to the left corner of his mouth.  His mother got her wisdom teeth removed about four years ago and the side of her mouth is still numb...after four years.  He is worried that his will be permanent and he is completely flustered.  He also had a root canal about a week or two ago and it was on the same side that is now numb.  Would the root canal add to the severity of the paresthesia? Is there any way to tell if this condition will be permanent, or is it basically just a waiting game?  I want to find out as much information about this as I can so I can give him hope. Does anybody know of any remedies that might speed or help the healing process, or any advice that I could give to my boyfriend to ease is stress and frustration?

Thank you so much!
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I think you better notify your state dental board as soon as possible.

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The root canal would probably have nothing to do with the paresthesia (numbness).  This is a rare but possible complication of removing lower molars close to the nerve.  In most cases, the nerve is just brused and will go back to normal in a matter of days or weeks.

He needs to go back to his oral surgeon.  The best way to handle this is to wait a couple of weeks to see if the paresthesia goes away on its own.  If this does not happen, there are methods to help the nerve regenerate, but they need to be done soon after its determined the nerve will not heal itself.  Ask your oral surgeon about everything and make sure he discusses all the possibilities.  
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  He contacted his surgeon and he said that it might take 6 months for the numbness to subside. That doesn't sound right to me. How would he know so early on? I can't really say, though, I'm not a doctor. But I think everything is going to be alright, and I really appreciate your help.  When you said "If this does not happen, there are methods to help the nerve regenerate, but they need to be done soon after its determined the nerve will not heal itself," that really gave me hope because at least I know there is something we can do about it.  

Thank you again!
are the methods surgical or things we can do ~  thx  
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My daughter had a root canel 2 weeks ago and the left side of your jaw is still numb. She cannot eat on that side without biting herself.

What should she do?  Her perminant crown has not been installed yet. Should she see a nerve doctor before the perminant crown is installed?

Her docter indicated that she may have reveived too much novocan. Could this be the problem?  
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Just to inform everyone... I had my wisdom teeth taken out in April of 2009.  I noticed something different after 3 days, when my tongue and gums were still numb..  Called the oral surgeon, was told that I had "signed the waiver" and the feeling should come back... well here I am, almost a year later, an MRI done, to find out that severe nerve damage was done when they took out my right wisdom tooth.  I was awake for the entire procedure, I know there were things that could have been done differently.  It is a very difficlut thing to deal with... they told me that if you do not have feeling back within 6 months the likelihood that you will ever get it back is pretty slim. Please contact me if you have any questions...  I am coping but I have very bad days, as I am sure all of you do... they have medication for the nerve spasms, if you have those.. but it helps very little...I think we should have a support group for us... it is a very difficult thing to adjust to..
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Hey Sarah
I'm really sorry to hear about your nerve damage.   Try and stay positive as you could still recover - I read a post from someone on another forum recently that got feeling back after a couple of years. I had two lower wisdom teeth out mid February and was left with a numb toungue, jaw, lip and chin. I rang the hospital and they didn't want to know, but I have since seen the consultant who said that one tooth was very close to the nerve (he didn't tell me that before) and that it might take up to two years to recover, but that I might never get the felling back in my lip. Well along with the numbness I've had the terrible burning sensation and have struggled to eat and talk. However, things improved significantly since then, although I am still suffering. I totally understand what you're going through as this is a truly horrible thing and I have my fingers crossed for you.  
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Had my bottom right side third molar pulled about two weeks ago. At first I just had terrible jaw stiffness on the side the tooth was pulled. Well that resided but now I have chin numbness on the same side. It feels as though there's still novacaine in it & it feels rubbery/puffy to the touch. I'm freaking out because I've never had this side effect before. I'm not sure if it's from the novacaine injections or the actual removal of the tooth. I've had the jaw stiffness before from fillings but never experienced the numbness in my chin & lower lip. Is there anyway to help the numbess reside? As of now I'm not having any tingling/burning, just numbness. I just pray to god this isn't permanent!
i am still numb on my bottom lip but only the left part of it.. i noticed today that  my lips  felt very wet but when i  touch my lips they are not  wet at all... i am hoping there is a sign of them coming back to life..
Is your sensation back now?

I completed my 1 month today and I am still numb.

Any information would be very helpful. Please reply.
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Grrr I just wrote a long reply and it didn't work :(
Anyway, my consultant recommendedvitamin B12 as that is good for nerve regeneration. Have you had any burning/tingling or has it always been numb? The numbness in my chin did disappear for a short while, but it is fairly numb again now. When I stroke my chin from left to right I get a matching tingle on my lip from left to right. Very strange.  
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