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Periodonal treatment options...

I'm 30 years old, non-smoker, very healthy guy...but i have a moderate case of gum disease.  Most likely hereditary from my Dad who struggled with it for many years before losing his teeth.  I have 5 & 6 mm pockets, and they are still very red and tender.  I had a planing & scaling done in November of 07, some improvement, then back to square 1.  Dentist did another planing & scaling in March (free of charge because the first time didn't work), again...some improvement, but then it went back to the normal state.  I've been extremely dilligent on my home care - brushing with Sonicare twice daily, flossing twice daily, brushing w/ peroxide and baking soda, taking multi vitamins, etc.  Nothing seems to help.  According the my x rays, I have some bone loss, but it's still somewhat early.  My Dentist thinks I'm maintaining, not getting worse.  

I went for a consult to a periodondist, and he's reccomending surgery (cutting).  I've been told once you go down this path, it's likely to lead to more cutting in the future.  Starting this at age 30 doesn't thrill me.

I went for another consult today to a specialist who does the Periolase treatmenet with a laser.  This seems like a less invasive approach and doesn't result in as much gum loss.  She claims pockets are reduced on average by 50%, less painful, and faster recovery.  This sounds like an appealing option, but I'm wondering how proven this approach is?  Anyone know of the pros / cons of this type of procedure?  

Any other options to consider?  
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Im not familiar with the Periolase treatment so I cannot comment on it.  

Has your specialist also given you the option of using antibiotics either locally delivered such as Arrestin or Atridox or perhaps taking low dose antibiotics orally?  

Gum surgery is the next progressive step in managing the disease.  I was wondering if they might want to try that first.  It sounds like your oral hygiene is excellent.  Have you reviewed your techniques to ensure that you are effectively removing as much plaque/tartar with the time spent?  

Let me see if I can find out more about the periolase treatment.
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My consult with the Periodontist was very brief. He started talking immediately about cuttting (as my Dentist predicted).  No other treatment options were discussed, such as antibiotics or oral mout rinses (such as Peridex, etc).  

Yes,we've reviewed my techniques in great detail (several times actually).  Several additional factors impacting my problem are that I grind my teeth when I sleep, although I do now wear a mouth guard.  I'm also a mouth breather when I sleep, but I'm now using breath rights and am making a conscious effort to breath through my nose.

The Periolase consult was very interesting.  I blindly called a testimonial they listed in one of thier write ups..local guy, who had Gum surgery several years back, the pockets worsened, and he had the laser surgery.  It's been 2 years since he had surgery and his pockets reduced dramatically and has no bleeding.  Here's a good review on PerioLase: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vJsFLnKwkaE  let me know what you think or what other options might be worth considering.  
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I found a few research articles and it seems to provide some fairly good results overall.

I think the most important thing is that you find a periodontist that you like and trust.  Afterall, the laser does the work but its the dentist that will actually perform the procedure.  I'm sure whichever method you choose will work out fine as long as you find a good periodontist to do it.  

I would recommend being placed on periodex to help control bacteria.  Also, in the end, sometimes just plain maintenance is all you can achieve.  But as long as the disease isn't active and getting worse, that sometimes is the best case scenario even if you have "pocketing."

Hope that helps.

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Thanks for the feedback.  

I've been researching the Periolase treatments like crazy this weekend and think I'm definitely going to do it. The studies are veryimpressive and the people I spoke with actually had bone regrowth and tissue reattachment.  I'm really stressing about this condition worsening so hopefully this will provide some improvement to my condition.  

She did mention that part of the procedure would include Periodex and an oral Antibiotic that I would take. Hopefully that will help too.  The scaling / planing & home care clearly hasn't done enough.   I'll post back in a few months once I have some results for you.  

Thanks again,
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I hope things turn out great!  Yes, definitely let me know how it goes.  

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I had my Periolase treatment yesterday & today.  Feeling OK, but wiped out.  
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