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Periodontist - Buccal Fat pad?????

I initially had a problem with a hole in my gum as a result of an implant in the rear molar.  My periodontist has been trying to graft the area with tissue from my cheek & pallete in order to close the gap between an implant and gum.  This has been going on for months but not 100% successful.  Today, when he opened an existing flap before re-suturing, a buccal fat pad revealed itself making it difficult for him to suture the gum closed.  He said he'd never seen this before and put in a call to an oral surgeon who told him it was a fat pad.  He tried to push the fat pad back under the gum and resture it but it turned out to be a very difficult procedure as it kept on popping out.  

He finally sutured it, but you can see the fat pad between the sutures.  He's hoping that the sutured gum will heal over the fat pad.  This repair has been a nightmare and he's not sure the gum will  heal over the fat pad.  Any feedback on this issue would be greatly appreciated.
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