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Porcelain dental crowns after root canal therapy

Hi everyone, Last year I had a root canal therapy on my right lower jaw tooth. It was okay after the procedure but after a few months, I felt some pain on that tooth while having coffee or anything sweet. I consulted the dentist, he took an x-ray of the teeth and informed that there is no infection and prescribed me some antibiotics. But the pain continued and no change at all. I went to the dentist again, this time he cleaned my teeth. The same thing repeated again. Then I changed my dentist to Dr.Stephen Phelan of Phelan Dental in Ontario. He checked my tooth carefully and informed about the food deposition at the sides of the crown ( the previous dentist fixed a metal crown on the tooth after root canal therapy ) He removed that cap and did a deep cleaning and made sure about that there is no infection left. Then he caped my tooth with porcelain crown which is more good than the metal ones. Finally got rid of the needle prick pain.

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