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Post Root Canal Infection

I had a root canal done probably well over a year or two ago. I was having some pain that lingered in that tooth for about a week so I went to see my primary dentist. He took a quick xray and said that there was an infection with that tooth that previously had root canal treatment.

I have an appt with a root canal specialist now and now that the appt is nearing the tooth has absolutely no pain or nuisance associated with that tooth anymore.

Is it possible for the root to clear the infection simply by eating better, etc? I haven't taken the antibiotics the prescribed yet, but I wonder if it isn't paining now, and I take them for the reccommended amt of time - if it would simply just go away?

I am 26 years old and I am fairly active if this would play any role in the answer to my questions.

Thanks in advance
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If there is an infection in the jaw bone, antibiotics won't resolve the issue generally.  It would be best to get a second opinion on the matter with the root canal specialist to ensure that there is no treatment that is needed.  Its possible your toothache may be from another source and that has since resolved.  Sometimes there is scarring from an infection that shows up on an x-ray.  Its also possible your symptoms have subsided a little but may return.  

Again, alot of possibilities so going to the root canal specialist would be best to rule out that possibility.
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