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Post wisdom teeth

Hello! Im 21 and had my wisdom teeth removed two weeks ago. I have diabeter type 1 and its normal that my healing proccess is slower . I have a series of questions concerning my post wisdom teeth ! The socket is yellow inside , it does not hurt and dosent look infected , is this normal? Question two: The glandule located behing the ear , on my right side, its a little swollen , is this normal ? If not, what can i do? Question three: my left ear and part of my throat is hurting a little bit , ive been using some ear drops but it dosent seem to help very much, i cant get to the doctor because its friday and i have no transportation available ! I went to my endocrynologist yesterday and all my blood work is normal with no signs of infection. She touched my throat glandunles and said everything is ok, but i still have concerns from the questions above. Im a bit paranoid with my health since i was diagnosed randomlly with diabetes 1 when i was 18 , so any awnsers will help me calm a bit ! Thx in advanced for your help everyone . Have a nice day
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As long as your extraction wound is not hurting, no major problem is present. However, once you get fever or excruciating pain, going back to your dentist to have a post op exam is advised.
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