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Pre-molars extracted, gap closed, can invisalign or lingual braces re-open gap and widen arch? Then implants?

      Hi, l am a 22 year old female, long story short: braces at 18, 4 pre-molars extracted at 19, gap closed, braces off at 20 1/2. Worst mistake of my life, now TMJ, pain/throbbing in jaw, sunken cheeks slightly, flat lip, dark corners in smile, and now and even narrower and smaller jaw. My teeth still protruded when they were straight b/c I have a really narrow jaw, that's why pre-molars were pulled. I had my wisdom teeth out at 17 b/c that's what dentists do nowadays, don't even know if they were coming in impacted or good, who knows.
    Anyways, so I am now seeing functional orthodontists trying to decide which one to go with), and the treatment plan in a nutshell is this, funcitonal appliance to fix TMJ, braces or invisalign to re-open gaps, make teeth forward more/ use arch wire to widen smile, then implants. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Scared out of my mind to make another bad mistake, but I feel like reversing this horrible thing that has happened may be a good way to go....
     I just really don't want braces again, it's harsh on the teeth, made mine more yellow when they came off, now I have to whiten for life....Can invisalign somehow re-open the gap? If so, is it as efficient as reg. braces? Can invisalign also widen the arch? If so, will it be able to for my case? Can lingual braces do this also? Let me know, I need to hear the facts, even if its not what I want to hear. If I have to have reg. braces in my case, then so be it. Or if invisalign will take twice as long, then I'll forget that. Just let me know. I'm just a kid still and very young (22), and I don't have parents, which is also why I made that horrible mistake 3 yrs ago, I was on my own and only had the idiot ortho to talk to...Thanks so much!

P.S. For any professional out there, I really don't like the idea of metal (titanium) in my mouth, what are your thoughts on the zirconia implants? What are the downsides of implants as well? Will the metal (if I go with titanium) discolor my gums? If a newer technology unfolds (they are working on stem cell teeth replacement now), and the implant gets taken out for something newer, will I have lost jaw bone, do implants mess up jaw bone? I like the idea of implants rather than a partial or bride b/c these ruin your good teeth...Thanx!
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For tmj issue, orthodontic intervention is probably not a feasible solution, occlusal appliance is highly effective if you see a competent tmj specialist. With regard to cosmetic issue, detailed consultation with a competent orthodontist or cosmetic dentist is advised.  If you intend to get satisfactory and reliable answer from internet, it's probably a waste your time.
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Hi just wondering did you ever follow up on this? I am seeking to get my extractions reversed as I too experienced the same issues as you after I got my teeth extracted. It was a big mistake.
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1: Invisalign or clear aligner can widen posterior teeth by buccal inclination, 2 mm in general.
2: occlusal appliance does resolve tmj issues if you find a competent tmj specialist
3: occlusal appliance therapy can be combined with clear aligner together, if you can find a practitioner who is competent to work out.
4: it appears that open up space to render implant therapy is not a feasible option.
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