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Problem with "Hairy Tongue."

My problem started 6 months ago when I was on an antibiotic (metronidazole) for 1 week.

The antibiotic did its job but caused this condition called "hairy tongue" as a side effect that seems permanent. My tongue looks like it has a white coating of thousands of little elongate papillae. Almost like my once healthy pink tonge now has a 1970's shag-carpet growing on it. These little papillae act like a sponge to trap all sorts of bacteria and food particles. It is a huge pain to clean my tongue after every meal with a tongue scraper. It causes me bad breath, and is just plain un-sightly. Sometimes my tongue gets tender from the scraping.

At first my regular DR incorrectly diagnosed it as "thrush" and gave me Nystatin. On a follow up visit he said its not thrush and in-fact its "hairy tongue." A condition for which he had no cure so he referred me to a dentist.

The dentist did not have any treatment for me either. He just said "use a tongue scraper to slough-off the elongated papilae." (which I am already doing for 6 months.... to no avail.)

SO here I am. Stuck with a hairy tongue and no cure. I have tried;

-Tongue scraper daily
-Diluted 1/5 hydrogen peroxide/water mouthwash
-Various antimicrobial/antibacterial mouthwashes
-Taking oral-probiotic dissolving lozenges daily for 1 month.
-Eating probitic yogurt to establish oral bacteria.

NOTHING has worked. If anyone knows a cure will literally kiss your feet with my hairy tongue. This condition has me horribly depressed, and has ruined my quality of life. I hate how my tongue looks, and I hate cleaning it. I just wish it was like it used to be... pink and normal... not a hair-covered velcro pad for food.

Please help. Anyone please.

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