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Problem with crown?

Hi, I had a crown (my first one) put on one of my molars 3 weeks ago.  The procedure went without any problems, but since I have had the crown on I started to have other problems and wondered if there might be a relation.  I woke up with severe vertigo about 2 days post crown installment.  I have had vertigo previously, but always when I had an ear ache or such.  This time I had no ear ache or ear problem whatsoever.  The vertigo is still a problem that I am having and it has been almost 3 weeks now.  I don't have any pain with crown, but was wondering if I might be allergic to something involved with it.  I do have multiple allergies.  Do you think there might be a relationship or not?  Thanks for any insight.
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If there is no local reaction to the crown then I doubt that it is the reason for your vertigo. To be safe ask the dentist the type of metal that was used and see if you can find out if you are allergic to it. I think that it is a coincidence and that a visit to your MD is in order.
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allergy would be unusual but possible to the metal used in the crown. you may also have an uneven bite caused by the crown that should be checked. other than that I cannot think of a way the crown or the procedure caused this problem. if all else fails you could always have the crown removed to be sure that it is or is not the cause. but you would then have to have a new one made and there will probably be expense........  good luck
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LOL. I had my first crown put in about 14 months ago and have had vertigo for 14 monhs. I suggested that it may not be coincidental that the problem started shortly after this procedure, but everyone has poo poo'ed that idea from me as well. They haven't successfully treated the vertigo yet either.
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