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Problems wearing false teeth

I received my first set of false teeth about 1 year ago, but that set did not fit right so they had to remake them.  one of the major problems with the new set is the teeth are a lot larger than the first set and a lot larger than my teeth that were removed.  They teeth are so much bigger than my own teeth were so my smile has completely change and doesn't look like me.  

But there are 2 major problems I am having to deal with every time I try to wear them.  The first is that only after about 5 or 10 minutes of putting the teeth in my mouth I start gagging and choking.  It get so bad that it make me throw up or dry heave.  The second major problem I have also start about 5 minutes after I put the teeth in.  The area around my mouth and chin start turning dark and keeps getting darker until it is almost black.

The first questions is what can be causing me to gag and choke and is there anything that can be done to fix it?
The second question is why is the area around my mouth and chin turning black and what can be done to stop it?
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I'm not sure why its turning black.  Does it turn back to a normal pick color after its removed?  Is this blackness on the gums or is it on the outside on the face?  

Second, the dentist may be able to adjust it and make the denture smaller or more narrow to help with the gagging problem but the smaller the denture is, the more loose it will become.  But if you are gagging and aren't able to wear it, it may need to be done or at least tried
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I think, you need to check with your dentist as to why it turning black. The dentist will visually check your gums as well as your teeth and would check for any gum disease and any other potential problems that you should know about which are important for your health.
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To answer your questions it does start turning back to normal as soon as I remove the teeth.  Also, The blackness is on the outside and looks very bad. I will see my dentist about making some kind of adjustment to the denture.

I do not know if this could have anything to do with the gagging my turning black around the lips and chin, but the teeth in this set of dentures are a lot larger than in my first set. The first set of dentures were loose and they could not adjust them to make the fit any better, but I did not have any gagging problems and/or the problem with the blackness around my lip and chin. The teeth in the first set dentures were the same size or very close to the same size as my permanent were before I had them pulled.  I do not know why they changed the size of the teeth in the dentures and I did not find out until I received them.  It really change the look of my face and my smile is not even close to what is was prior to getting false teeth.

Thank you so much for getting back to I really do appreciate it.

Michele Nash
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Thank you for your comment I appreciate it a lot.
I guess I need to clarify that the blackness is not on the gums,  my gums stay the normal pink color.  The blackness is on the outside around my lips and chin ( going down to my neck). Also the color starts turning back to normal as soon as I remove the dentures.  If the color change stayed for any length of time I would be more concern medically but it only occurs while I am wearing the dentures.

Thank you again,
Michele Nash
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I can't imagine why the lips and chin will change colors when you wear your denture.  It doesn't seem to have any relation except for the fact it consistently occurs when you wear them.  Did that problem happen with the first set?
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In answer to your question, I did not have any trouble with the first set of teeth causing any type blackness or such around the lips and chin.  But because the alignment in my mouth could not be corrected I had to have another set made.  The alignment of the second set is better but the teeth in the set of false teeth are substantially larger than my own teeth were and that of the first set of false teeth.  Could the size of the teeth be a factor that is causing the the color change by putting more pressure on my gums and such.  I do know I have what a dentist have called a small mouth and hard to work on because of the how wide I could only open it up.  With the size of the  teeth in the set of false teeth my mouth is even smaller when I open up normally as in taking a bite of food.  I can barely put a normal size bite of food in between the teeth.   I do not know if this could have any factor but it the only bit difference I have found between the 2 set of teeth.
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