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Question regarding implant colour

Hi :)
I got 11 implants in my mouth and I'm going to put on the teeth on them very soon.

I don't have many natural teeth left, only the two big upper ones and the two underneath them, (like mid section), kinda look like a rabbit atm xD

And I got all my grinders (thats how u spell it?) as well.

those 4 are slightly discoloured, but considering I'm getting almost all my teeths as implants, should I ask to get them really white? I mean my grinders don't show, and it's only 4 teeth that would require whitening to get the same colour as my implant teeth colour.

any advice please?
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You should discuss with your dentist.  If you do decide to whiten them, it would be the most conservative way to enhance the color of the teeth.  You could also consider placing "caps" or "crowns" on the teeth but that requires removing some tooth structure to allow for porcelain to be placed on them.  Another option could be to place implants after removing them, an option that could be considered depending on how healthy the teeth are at this time.  But I would recommend letting them know before they make your crowns as porcelain crowns are generally color stable over time.  You couldn't really bleach your crowns whiter.
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