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Reaction to Novocaine?

I had a back tooth removed on my lower right side. The extraction wasn't as easy as planned, and it took longer than usual. I received quite a bit of novocaine for the procedure, and ended up getting a very painful condition known as "dry socket" from all of this - for which is currently being treated with packing and more.

The problem is that before the pain began, there seemed to be an an unusual amount of bleeding from the sport, not a lot, but just more than usual.Then, I began to have strange sensations all over my body. I got restless, agitated, and just had to keep moving. I couldn't sit still at all, and I had to walk while stretching all the time. I am active by nature, but this was different and a bit alarming. This lasted for about one hour, along with the chills, and then I had a splitting headache which lasted through the rest of the night. It seemed to all begin just as the novocaine wore off.

Does any of this sound like a reaction to novocaine? Or something else?
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Probably not.  If you were to have a reaction to the anesthetic, it would be more immediate, within a few minutes of the injection, not after it wears off a hour or two later from the time of the injection.  
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