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Reactive Lymph Node surgery

Hey all..
Well, I've had an interesting situation lately.  I went to the dentist about 2 months ago, for a small lump on my cheek that I thought might be communicating across the fascial planes to a tooth.  They diagnosed a tooth root fracture from a previous root canal (years ago).  Went to an oral surgeon and he extracted the tooth and said he thought the lump on my cheek was a lymph node.  

This lump spread and got a very bruised appearance on my skin.  I was also experiencing numbness and tingling of the lips on that side of my face, and the skin up to my eyes.  

My oral surgeon went in and did an exploratory surgery.  He found a tissue "mass" that he said did not look to have any pus associated with it...and he sent it for culture/sensitivity and pathology.    

Now the whole side of my face is extremely swollen and sore!  I'm takign advil (he gave me stronger stuff but i can't tolerate it and I'm on call for work)...

Just wondering if anyone has ever had this experience before.. any thoughts on what it might be?
I"m in a medical profession so I know just enough about what this might be to worry me, but don't know enough to feel as educated as I should be.

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I would think that the swelling is associated with the recent surgery. I could not give you an opinion on what it might be but it certainly sounds like you are doing the correct thing. I think you need to wait for the path report before making any guesses to what it might be.
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Well the Saga continues...
The path reports all came back negative... and the culture and sensitivities too! The lump on the outside of my cheek is back and growing and the numbness and tingling feeling is back.  In fact, the lump is bigger then presurgical and the actual surgical swelling is gone.

I'm starting to wonder sialocele or salivary duct cyst.... but would a submandibular gland come all the way up the cheek to even with the upper lip or would that be parotid (though not near the ear)

Kristen Vance, DVM
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