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Really need help identifing pain on the right side of my tongue that comes and goes

The closest thing I can find to my condition is geographic tongue, since the symptoms seem to match more than any other condition. I do get patches on my tongue that come and go but ONLY on the right side and that's the same side where I feel the discomfort with or without the patch. I saw a Naturopath who suspected candida overgrowth so I was put on a strict diet protocol, no wheat/dairy/sugar/acidic food. My tongue appearance
after 4 months looked a little better but the pain was still there after taking lots of supplements and rinses. My dentist didn't see any serious problems which was great but never helped me find the answer, my doctor suggested it was B12 deficiency but after taking b complex for some months I got no results.. same with methylated b12. I had a tooth that was chipped on the right side so I thought it could be the problem, I filled the tooth in and the problem still persists. I'm so sick of this pain and trying to find an answer, really hope someone can help me
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Here is a link to a site from the UK; it has a lot of suggestions. I wonder if it is some kind of nerve pain.

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Thanks I've seen lots of sites with similar information, all the serious underlying conditions I don't have any relatable symptoms. My dentist said my tongue looks normal and I even showed him picture of the patch that comes and goes and he said it could be a virus. I've had this for 2 years now though and the only other thing is I have is some digestive issues but nothing serious. I've thought about nerve pain because I've been a guitarist my whole life and don't have the best posture, I'm getting a mouthguard for the dentist to rule out any bruxism but at this point I don't think that's the problem  
After you use the mouth guard for a few months, if the condition keeps coming back, you might try seeing an ear, nose, throat doctor.
Thanks Annie appreciate your help, Much love to you
Have you had Covid, by the way? There is something called "Covid tongue." It is described as putting a white coating on the tongue, but they don't know if it always does that, and how long it lasts, and if it can be the only symptom of Covid. If you got the tongue issue around the time Covid was really getting started in the population, I wouldn't rule out the possibility.
I've researched so much about this problem that yes I have heard of Covid tongue, I did get really sick and didn't feel like eating for weeks before all of this happened with my tongue about 2 years or more ago. It was just months before anyone heard of covid so I obviously didn't get tested because there wasn't any option at the time or even information about such a virus. I remember feeling really out of it and not myself almost like I was in a daze for a week, it was very strange. My mom too had a similar virus around that time but not as severe, but we both didn't have fevers or coughs (which doesn't rule it out). Since then I've been very good at isolating myself and thankfully me and none of my family has got covid. The tongue situations I thought would go away in a month but 2 years later it's still kinda there more often than not. The "not knowing" has been terrible since no one has given me a diagnosis so I can relax my brain on the situation, cannabis has always helped me with sleep and eating but the last two years have given me problems because of my sensitive tongue - the smoke just irritates it yet it's the only thing I can rely on, kind of a catch22. I'm healthy and workout and never drink or smoke cigarettes so cannabis has always been my vice, but lately I've been doing less and still feel discomfort which kinda  defeats the purpose up until the pain goes away. That just adds to the frustration, since I've also have no one to relate to in that department
If you have the reddit app my user name is /Ddusee , if you're interested in seeing all the different stages my tongue has been going through. Ive made a bunch of posts with again lol no real help or answers which is crazy given the amount of people
You could try edibles instead of smoke, if smoke is too irritating but you are sure the cannabis helps with the tongue.

It sounds like you've talked with your dentist, a naturopath, and the Internet, and while the pain could come from clenching your jaw (which if so, would ease when you get your mouth guard and begin to use it every night for a while), it could also be something that you should cut to the chase about and see an ear, nose and throat doc, and also perhaps a dermatologist, if you can get in when you have the spot showing on your tongue. I'm not a Redditor so won't go there, but this is my best advice in any case. Good luck to you!
Yeah I've gone the edible path before hoping not smoking would get rid of it but it wasn't the case, I feel it throughout the day most weeks and only smoke a small amount late at night for sleep. With edibles your tolerance will sky rocket if you do them consistently, but for sure the smoke does cause some irritation a lot of the times.. same with vaping it drys out the mouth even more than smoking.  Thanks for the care and for taking the time !
This is my tongue and the different stages for anyone curious --- Can't post a picture.  
We don't allow links to other sites with forums. You can post your pic to imgur or another photo hosting site, and we'll allow that.

Sorry about all this.
No worries if you can share my post with a member who specializes in ENT or any tongue problems, it'd be appreciated I'm new here
I'll get it moved to our Dental Health forum.
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