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Receding Gums

I am a very healthy 21 year old F who had always had very good dental health. Two years ago I had a bit of a receding gum on my front right tooth but it never hurt so I put off going to the periodontist. Besides that, I go to the dentist every six months and he always says what healthy gums and teeth I have (besides that front tooth, which he has been bothering me to get looked at). Yesterday I had some pain in one of my side bottom teeth and saw that it was a receding gum that was exposing some of the root. This morning I had pain in my top tooth that is right above that bottom tooth and found a slightly receded gum there as well! Some quick research says that usually bad dental hygiene is to blame, but I am very diligent about brushing my teeth twice a day. I have an appointment with a periodontist in two weeks, but I'm getting nervous. What could be causing this sudden recession of my gums on multiple teeth?
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Gum problems at an early age should never be ignored. Visiting a good doctor is the only option if you want to have good dental health. I can help you with some of the best dentists if you want to know.
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