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Recurring front tooth abscess with fissure; causing Other

Front tooth has been root candled and capped for the past 25-30 years in. Over the past 10 years the tooth next to it had to have some work done. During those procedures they must’ve left a space where bacteria gets in it and affects the Tip of the front tooth root canal because the endodontist sees it on the x-ray. Being that the procedure took place over 30 years ago or about 30 years ago there’s a really big screw in that tooth and everybody is hesitant to mess with it and they don’t want to do it. So I’ve just been dealing with an occasional infection did I manage to clear up on my own push it out for the Fisher get an antibiotic and be done with it. This time it’s a little different; it seems to affected my sinuses and my ear canal seems blocked. I called my doctor asked for a Z pack she called me in prescription I started it yesterday. I don’t like to play Internet doctor;  but as I was reading About the complications from a tooth abscess and that infection getting into the cranial cranial sinuses I am having a little worried. I’m over the past couple weeks I’ve been having visual problems with the right eye. Blurry vision i’ve been to the eye doctor he put me on two different types of I drops for contact lenses tried three different types of contact lenses and allergy eyedrops and nothing has seem to help me and all my other issues that describe to you above are all on the right side and so really my main question is what type of doctor do I need to go to today or in the near future so look at my head to see if I got some kind abscess infection run ramped?
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