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Redness inside mouth by lip area

I have been having redness in my mouth behind my lip area(pull down lip and redness there)  Went to Dentist and he did not know.  It comes and goes, very odd.  It is a little sore but not really and it is not a canker sore it spreads across the inner lip area.  
Never have ever had anything like it.  Do not know if I should pursue with my MD now.  It has been going on for about a month now.
Any help or ideas.
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Seeing an oral pathologist or oral medicine specialist is advised.
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For self-diagnosis on tooth/mouth problem i use the following site: www.doctorspiller.com
The white section of 'oral images' is particularly useful. (btw the images of infections etc are NOT pleasant - you have been warned)

However - after a quick browse and not knowing much about your condition i would agree with Scottma to seek specialist advice. Hope the site can help alleviate any worry in the meantime or give you ideas to question your dentist with.

Hope you get it sorted, all the best.
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Did you ever get an answer to this question? I also have a red, sore line on the inside of my lip.
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